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Barazik Duo

Dana Barak, together with guitarists Carlos Vivas and Flavio Virzi, performs regularly in Jewish community centres, museums and synagogues, including performances in festivals and private events.


The programming of the Barazik Duo is a unique fusion of traditional Jewish Nigunim and contemporary secular Jewish Music.


The Duo’s joyful musicality, paired with their own lively arrangements, has received praise from audiences across Europe.

Forbidden Music - Silent Voices

Pavel Haas, Victor Ullmann and Leo Smit, have faced a violent and untimely death in the Nazi concentration camps. Their powerful music, like that of other Jewish composers such as C. Frühling, A. Zemlinsky and G. Meyerbeer, has suffered significantly as a result of the Nazi regime, and continues to face anonymity despite their international careers prior to WWII.


On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Dana Barak in collaboration with pianist Roglit Ishay, plays a concert with the support of the Catholic Academy in Frankfurt, Germany.

This unique project brings the music of composers like Haas, Ulmann, Reiner and Smit to life once again, reintroducing their oeuvre and their heritage to the German public.

Dana Barak Holocaust-Gedenktag 2020


Frankfurter Wochenblatt

Dana Barak Roglit Ishay
Barazik Duo
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