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Dana Barak is internationally recognized as an advocate of modern Jewish music as a composer, arranger, and performer


Her original compositions, inspired by both traditional Hebraic motifs and contemporary Jewish culture, are commissioned and performed by orchestras and ensembles across Europe and Israel, most recently by the Ensemble Modern at the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt


Her solo and chamber arrangements of Israeli Art Songs are broadcast regularly on German and Israeli radio. Her latest CD, released on the Hänssler Classic Label, was praised as “refined as well as eloquent and, above all, show a never diminishing enthusiasm. This CD is a contribution that is as original as it is valuable, far from any well-trodden paths.”

Remy Franck, Pizzicato Journal

As a performer, she leads several duos in a unique fusion of traditional Jewish Nigunim and contemporary secular Jewish Music. Her passion for exploring modern Jewish identity in the widest sense brings her to the widest audiences and to varied performance spaces, from Jewish community centres, museums and synagogues, to classical music festivals and private events.


For booking, score inquiries, or any other questions, please reach out here.

Forbidden Music - Silent Voices

Pavel Haas, Victor Ullmann and Leo Smit, have faced a violent and untimely death in the Nazi concentration camps. Their powerful music, like that of other Jewish composers such as C. Frühling, A. Zemlinsky and G. Meyerbeer, has suffered significantly as a result of the Nazi regime, and continues to face anonymity despite their international careers prior to WWII.


On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Dana Barak in collaboration with pianist Roglit Ishay, plays a concert with the support of the Catholic Academy in Frankfurt, Germany.

This unique project brings the music of composers like Haas, Ulmann, Reiner and Smit to life once again, reintroducing their oeuvre and their heritage to the German public.

In Memory of the Victmis of the 2021 Meron Crowd Crush

Dana Barak - Clarinet
Uriah Tutter- Violoncello


Dana Barak - Arrangement and Clarinet
Uriah Tutter- Violoncello


Dana Barak - Arrangement and Clarinet
Carlos Vivas - Arrangement and Guitar

To My Mother

After the song "Two Roses" by Mordechai Zeira

Nitzan Bartana - Violin
Dana Barak - Clarinet
Roglit Ishay - Piano

Dana Barak Roglit Ishay
Dana Barak Holocaust-Gedenktag 2020
Barazik Duo
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